Proposal Check List

The hardest part is done. You’ve found “The One” and now it’s time to get this party started! To help you along the way we’ve put together this checklist to keep your special moment perfect.

  1. Find the perfect ring. ring-mademoiselle-round-diamond-solitaire-cathedral-shank-platinum-diamonds-steven-kirsch-3The first step in planning the perfect proposal is finding the right ring for your fiance-to-be. This can seem like a daunting task but there are many helpful tips that will guide you in the right direction. If you’ve been with your SO long enough you can probably start your search following some “hint’s she might’ve left around. If she is more subtle make sure you check out her Pinterest it can be very handy in deciphering her ring preference. After you’ve investigated as far as you can enlist the help of her friend’s (make sure you ask them to keep your secret). Once you’ve narrowed down the style make sure you set aside enough time to have the ring ready before your big proposal! If you need help picking a ring we’d be happy to help you choose the right one or check out our gallery for more ideas.
  2. Pick a date and place.calendar It can be an anniversary, a birthday, a date that holds special meaning to you both or just a random day but set that date to plan around. Whether you’re planning to rent out a restaurant, talk a stroll down a park, plan a weekend getaway or just propose at home- picking a date will give you a clear guideline. If you are planning something extravagant make sure to call ahead, separate the date, and ask all the necessary questions to avoid any last minute surprises.
  3. Plan the details. Music, Flowers, Balloons, Check out our article with proposal
  4. Make a back up plan. Even if you’ve planned out every minute of your proposal you can’t fully account for the unexpected. Have Plan B ready in case it rains during your picnic.people-768541_1280
  5. Enlist the help of friends and family. Have friend schedule a mani & pedi date with your SO so her hands are picture ready =)girl-checking-her-new-nails-picjumbo-com
  6. Book a photographer- You will want to have this special moment captured.Photographer
  7. Write down a small speech or if you’re free spirited just wing it but most importantly speak from the heart. If you need help sprucing it up “check out our classic love quotes”Startup Stock Photos
  8. Relax! Live in this beautiful moment you will both remember for the rest of your lives. Focus on the love you share and the promise of this moment.couple-1246314_1280

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