Your valuable stones are safe with us.

We are fully insured.

In addition to insurance coverage under our standard “jeweler’s block” policy which is benchmark coverage carried by any reputable jeweler, we are insured against work damage.Your stones are covered (with certain limitations and restrictions, of course) for loss or damage while they are in our possession and while we work on them. This is a relatively new protection for our customers, since in the past it was impossible to obtain coverage for damage incurred while working on a stone. Partly due to our outstanding reputation and partly because of greater insurance flexibility generated under current market conditions, our carrier agreed to add such a “bench” clause to our coverage.

Experience and Trust

As important as insurance policies are (despite their many disclaimers and restrictions), you can set you mind at ease because of our experience, skills, and reputation. Be assured that your valuable jewelry is in safe hands at Steven Kirsch, Inc. Our master craftsmen, designers, and technicians have compiled an outstanding record: so far, only minor incidents involving nothing more than a few scratches on extremely soft stones like aquamarine or emerald have occurred. (Scratches like these are unfortunate of course, but they are easily corrected by polishing with minimal or no weight loss.). Having set hundreds of stones, valued at millions of dollars, without incident, we have earned an outstanding and well-deserved reputation for high quality, extraordinary value, and safety. We are proud to stand behind our work so that you can trust us now and in the future.