Shipping instructions

Shipping instructions

Shipping Your Valuables to Us

Please pack your items securely. We recommend the following procedures:

  • Seal your stones or jewelry in a small zip-lock plastic bag (stone paper is acceptable).
  • Place the coin envelope inside a padded manila envelope and seal it.
  • Place the sealed manila envelope inside a small box and seal it with tape (fiber-reinforced tape recommended). Use any recycled packing material to make sure that nothing rattles around inside the small box.
  • Place the sealed, small box inside a larger box (about the size of a lar ge book, similar to a FedEx medium-size box). Add packing material to make sure that nothing rattles or moves. Seal the larger box with tape. Do not write anything on the outside of the box that indicates the contents.
  • Do not include any ring boxes, pouches, holders, or other items that have any value to you. We are likely to assume that they are part of the packing material and will, therefore, discard them.
  • Do not send any original stone certificates. A copy of a certificate is helpful, but not required.
  • Use U.S. Postal Service registered mail to ship articles with a declared value of up to $25,000. You cannot ship to us via FedEx since they will not insure jewelry or stones (read FedEx’s policy). Likewise, UPS does not insure loose stones.
  • For items up to $50,000 in value, use Malca-Amit or Brinks.
  • Although not required, we suggest that you e-mail or call us to let us know that your package is in transit. We will notify you, usually via e-mail, the same day it arrives.
  • Please do not send anything due to arrive during our vacation time.

Shipping the Finished Product to You

We usually use FedEx to ship to you (due to a special arrangement through our MJSA membership). We ship only “priority, overnight.” Saturday delivery by FedEx is unavailable for items valued at more than $2,000. Items valued at more than $50,000 must be shipped via Brinks, Malca-Amit, or by courier.

These carriers do not deliver to private addresses; so you must either use a business address or pick up your package at their office. Since there are very few office locations for these carriers outside major metropolitan areas, delivery to rural areas is always problematic. International shipment to you is possible only via Malca-Amit or Brinks. All tariffs, taxes, dues, surcharges, tips, etc., are your responsibility.

Taxes on jewelry shipped to the UK (as well as to other countries in the European Union) from the US may vary widely. They are your responsibility to determine before ordering. All goods imported into the UK from the US, including goods purchased online, are subject to Import Duty: As of Oct. 20, 2003, import duty on gold jewelry is 2.5% of the declared value of the goods PLUS the transport costs to the country of destination.

Value Added Tax (VAT): currently 17.5% of declared value, PLUS the transport costs to the country of destination, PLUS the Import Duty.

Customs Clearance Fees: Your carrier or import agent (including Royal Mail or Parcel Force) may also charge fees to clear your items through customs. These fees range from about £4.00 (Royal Mail) to about £8.00 (Parcel Force) and should be added after the above taxes.

Prior to shipping, we will contact you to confirm your address, shipping method, and the dollar amount for appropriate insurance coverage. If you choose to waive insurance coverage (beware: your home insurance might not cover such losses), we will require a written release from you.

All orders are processed and shipped as soon as your payment is cleared by our bank. We will notify you by e-mail within one business day if an in-stock order cannot be shipped.

In sum, for your protection, we always:

  1. Insure and register all items for their full value.
  2. Use FedEx services (or other carriers as noted above) for fast, safe delivery of packages.
  3. Require that all deliveries be made to a physical business or home address.
  4. Require that a legal adult sign for the package.

Shipping costs are your responsibility

If you need a quote for the cost please call our office or email us. Please DO NOT attempt to avoid paying shipping, proper taxes, dues, or fees. We will charge your account for any fees that we incur.

Because we do not ship on Saturday or Sunday, orders placed after 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays will not be shipped until the following Monday. If it is absolutely critical that your order arrive by a specific date, call us at (212) 221-9392, Monday – Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We will be happy to assist you in recommending the fastest time and method for delivery.